Arrosticini are skewers of sheep or mutton meat typical of traditional Abruzzo cuisine. In some areas they are also called rustelle, arrustelle or rrustell. The preparation consists in cutting the meat into very small cubes and putting it on skewers, in some areas called "li cippe".

With the Arrosticini Maker you will make your own delicious Arrosticini in no time!


The Arrosticini Maker is designed with 49-hole can help you to make 49 Arrosticini at once, efficient and practical, time-saving and labor-saving.

Detachable structure
The Arrosticini Maker is designed with detachable top lid and flexible walls, convenient to take the Arrosticini out, easy to operate and clean.
Durable plastic material
It is made of high quality plastic material, safe, anti-rust, wear resistant and durable, owning long using life span, easy to clean under water directly.


Feel free to ask us how to use the Arrosticini Maker and any tips to make the perfect and authentic arrosticini!

Arrosticini Maker

  • Quantity: 1pc
    Material: plastic
    Color: blue
    Size: 7.07X5.5X 4.72 in (L*W*H) - 18X14X12cm/
    Net weight: 15.87oz (450 g)

    Package: 1 skewer box