The Soft Wheat Flour 00 De Cecco is ideal for creating various dishes in a simple way at home. You can use it to make excellent fresh pasta, fragrant bread, or a soft dough for pizza, breading and sweet creations. Due to its natural versatility, soft wheat flour is ideal for any use in the kitchen. Try also the De Cecco durum wheat flour ideal for pasta and bread.


About De Cecco:

Since 1886 De Cecco has had an important task: to artfully create an unmistakable pasta by carrying on a tradition without compromise. Conquests, advances, refinements dot their history and allow them, every day, to bring the authentic pleasure of Italian cuisine to tables all over the world.

De Cecco Soft Wheat Flour Tipo "00"

    • Product of Italy

    • Net Weight: 2.2 lb (1 Kg)

    • All Purpose Wheat Flour