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Fior Di Maiella Chili flakes - 2.64 oz

A 100% ITALIAN product, the result of the culinary tradition and the deep bond with the territory, combined with constant research and innovation to always offer an excellent product.

The CRUSHED HOT PEPPER is used in traditional preparations based on pasta, vegetables and sauces, but also in innovative gourmet recipes. Indispensable ingredient for its versatility in the kitchen, containing the typical spicy flavor of the dish. It is suitable for the preparation of typical regional dishes; excellent if added towards the end of cooking on first courses, soups and vegetable soups where you want to enhance the intense and decisive taste; delicious if browned with oil and garlic for the typical Italian pasta of the same name. It can also be used to make chili oil at home.

Fior Di Maiella Peperoncino Chili flakes - 2.64 oz

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