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Get your Pasta Starter Kit (9 Tools) now and start making your own fresh pasta in the comfort of your home!


  • 85/C/40: beechwood handleless rolling pin 1-3/8 inch diameter, 13-3/8 inch long (shorter and narrower than Fox Run 5670)
  • 86/S: beechwood spaghetti-cutter rolling pin*
  • 86/TL: beechwood fettuccine-cutter rolling pin**
  • 39: aluminum-and-beechwood curved pastry wheel
  • 171: stainless-and-beechwood "dent" cutter 1-9/16 inch x 1-9/16 inch***
  • 109: stainless steel spaghetti tongs (pronged part 2-3/4 inch long x 1-3/8 inch wide, and overall length of tongs 7-7/8 inch
  • 88: garganelli/gnocchi ridger
  • 102: beechwood pasta-drying rack
  • 129: beechwood fork / spaghetti server (11-1/8 inch flat tool with tines at the end and three holes**** along the length)


  • *Overall length of spaghetti pin 12-1/2 inch, with length along ridged area 6-1/8 inch, and space between ridges 1/8 inch
    **Overall length of fettuccine pin 12-1/2 inch, with length along ridged area 6 inch, and space between ridges 1/4 inch
    ***Wooden-handle length of dent cutter 4-1/4 inch, with width of middle blade 1-1/2 inch, diameter of side blades (rolling independently of middle blade) 7/8 inch, and overall length of dent cutter 7 inch
    ****Hole diameters 3/4 inch, 15/16 inch and 1-5/16 inch


  • Roll out dough
  • Ridge gnocchi
  • Roll-cut fettuccine
  • Roll-cut spaghetti
  • Cut serrated pasta
  • Form pasta bow ties
  • Pick up and serve cooked spaghetti 
  • Measure servings of raw spaghetti
  • Hang pasta to dry


Also in package: "Let's Make Pasta Together" instruction brochure with pictures of pasta in the making, along with advice from Chef Fabio Bongianni

Pasta Starter Set (9 Tools)

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  • Features
    Metal of Pastry Wheel Stainless Steel and Aluminum
    Metal of Ravioli Stamps Aluminum
    Rolling-Pin Material Beechwood
    Metal of Tortellini Cutter Stainless Steel
    Handle Material Beechwood
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