The Presentosa, jewel of the typical traditional goldsmith of Abruzzo. This jewel, became famous for its description in D’Annunzio’s “Triumph of Death”, and has its origins almost certainly in eighteenth century.

Its ‘typical’ shape, so called because most well known, is composed of a frame (or hull) of star-shaped, whose inner circular space is filled by coil made ​​of read watermark or simple lanyard. At the center graced by two hearts, joined by a crescent reversed (symbols of love and happiness).

Ring "La Presentosa"

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  • The sturdy ring is handcrafted in 800% Red Silver, with in the middle "La Presentosa", the Abruzzese symbol.
    A filigree star with a heart in the center, as sign of friendship, affection and as an amulet.
    Also available in Rhodium Silver or Gilded Silver.