Soft Torrone William Di Carlo.
Totally handmade and free of dyes and preservatives, it can be a welcome gift or, more simply, one of the many delicacies to put in the basket under the tree.


Available in three flavours: Almonds, Chocolate and Pistachio



Difficult not to fall in love with it: the soft white almond is a type that certainly does not go unnoticed, especially after lunches and dinners spent in joy with friends and relatives during the festive period.



Children are crazy about it, grown-ups don't know how to stop enjoying it: in soft nougat with chocolate and hazelnuts it is pure lust, a classic that accompanies cheerful winter evenings spent in company in front of a crackling fireplace.



This is the concept that best describes the white pistachio nougat.

Soft, crunchy, sweet, salty ... a mixture of contrasting but inevitably attractive sensations.

In short, a must try!


Torrone William Di Carlo

  • Product of Italy

    Net Weight: 7oz (200 g)

    Gluten Free

    May contain traces of: soybeans and products thereof, milk and products thereof (incuding lactose)

  • William Di Carlo - Sulmona (AQ) - Abruzzo, Italy