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Welcome to the Destination Abruzzo Blog



Hi everybody and welcome to the Destination Abruzzo Blog!

Destination Abruzzo is passion, it was born in our hearts before landing in our minds

with the aim of offering a totally immersive experience dedicated to our native land, Abruzzo, fueled by our love for the territory, its traditions, its culinary products and its culture.

This will be an adventurous blog, unconventional, and with a great desire to make readers discover the wonders of Abruzzo through the eye of local and international writers.

Our keyword is sharing, we describe the art, history and cuisine of Abruzzo with enthusiasm through images, videos and articles to capture the essence of Abruzzo in all its aspects and to disclose them to an international but also local audience.

Don't miss the weekly appointment of the Destination Abruzzo blog, which will be the voice of all the Abruzzesi in the world!

If you also want to be part of this exciting initiative and tell your story about Abruzzo you are more than welcome to join our wonderful family.


Pietro &Angela


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Billy B
Billy B
2022년 9월 25일

Great post thank yyou

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