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Roccacaramanico: one of the most beautiful villages in Abruzzo.

If you want to visit one of the most characteristic villages in Abruzzo, i suggest you to go to Roccacaramanico.

A little place in the middle of the mountains, near Caramanico Terme, where you will be brought back to medieval times.

In fact its houses and alleys are all built in stone, so you will totally feel like living in a fairytale, while enjoying the silence and the peace that surrounds this magic place.

In the 60's, this village, was completely abandoned by its habitants expect for one lady that is one of the last witness of the Big Migration of Val Pescara, that took place before and after the first and second world war. This famous lady, whose name is Angiolina Timperio, turned 103 years in 2018 and she's called "the Grandma of Abruzzo". When they asked her which was the secret of a such a long healthy life she answered "Work hard and never be lazy." She is a Big example of the qualities that are part of most people in Abruzzo: strength and courage.

Another curiosity of this place is that it's known to be extremely snowy. In fact in December 17, 1961 in 24 hours fell 365 cm (143 inches) of snow in only one day. An event so wonderful that has been announced on television too giving Roccacaramanico a world record.

Despite this borgo was abandoned, in the last few years it has rediscovered its potential and value thanks to the Maiella National Park and other realities that organizes events and experiences around this place.

One of the most "popular" things to see in this borgo is the famous "Little house that smiles." An old church where its front composed by two windows and a door, seems to be smiling and greeting you as you walk down the street. It's very nice and beautiful and I suggest you to take a lot of pics like I did. ;)

Also from here you can start a beautiful trekking (only for experts) that will lead you to the Morrone Mountain and its beautiful mountain huts.

In Roccacaramanico you can go e-biking, walking, horse-riding and even have a nice coffee in the little plaza in the center of the village with a beautiful view over the landscape around.

Roccacaramanico is a place you must visit if you really want to go back in time e feel like part of a medieval movie.

A very little place but with an infinite beauty.