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Costa dei Trabocchi

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

There is no shortage of unique sites and traditions in Abruzzo. One of the most special and particular parts of the region is the spectacular Costa dei Trabocchi (Trabocchi Coast). Stretching over 40 kilometers from Ortona to Vasto, you will find characteristic fishing platforms speckled on the crystal blue Adriatic Sea. These fishing machines are a distinguishing feature of the coastal landscape along the southern Adriatic. The platforms are anchored to large rocks with long arms (antennae) suspended above the water with a meshed net, jetting out into the sea. The ingenious technique was created many centuries ago by fishermen to combat the weather and sea conditions.

Although these fishing machines can also be found along the coast of Molise and northern Puglia, it is known to have been invented in Abruzzo. What was once a means to feed and support multiple families, today, trabocchi have evolved to be a cultural symbol as well as a tourist destination of the region. Nature lovers can find total freedom and beauty at the Punta Aderci Reserve, near Vasto. The panoramic views, dotted with trabocchi, are breathtaking and it’s hard to believe there's still such a pristine and untouched coastline that exists.

Many trabocchi have been transformed into restaurants serving course after course of regional seafood dishes and local delicacies. Two notable trabocchi turned restaurants are Punta Tufano and Punta Isolata. For those who can truly dive into a meal enjoying all of the fruits of the sea, this dining experience, above the crashing waves with a side of sea breeze, is one of a kind.

In fact, it will offer you something beyond comprehension that you will only find in this part of Italy. The most enchanting way to understand a trabocco is to experience it!

Arianna e Rosaria, Luglio 2019


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